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Sneaker stories in words and pictures by a longtime sneaker enthusiast. Highlighting trailblazing Black women and Black non-men in sneakers, and in sneaker culture.


Okay I’m changing things up a bit, but first, an admission: I girl bossed a little too close to the sun. I launched blk grrl kicks at the busiest time of 2021 for me. In the middle of a capital campaign at work, family heavy holidays, and – somewhat unexpectedly – a covid surge thatContinue reading “Listen…”

Shaping a Sneakerhead

I classify my style as “I wear what I want.” It’s pretty simple: if I like the way it looks, if it fits, and it’s comfortable – it’s mine. I don’t worry about fitting an aesthetic I don’t have, or the brand. My footwear is not an exception. But while I lived at home andContinue reading “Shaping a Sneakerhead”

Air Force 1 Mids Forever

Written by DeeDee Collins, they/them/theirs I’m not sure if “You never forget your first pair.” is a saying, but obviously you’ve never been an 80’s Baby in your early 40’s. Lucky you. Anyway, the point I’m trying to make is that I don’t remember when I got my first pair of Air Force 1 Mids,Continue reading “Air Force 1 Mids Forever”

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