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Sneaker stories in words and pictures by a longtime sneaker enthusiast. Highlighting trailblazing Black women and Black non-men in sneakers, and in sneaker culture.

From Infinity to Infinity

I don’t claim to know what goes on behind closed brand doors, and as I am neither notable individual, nor am I designer, I don’t intend to ever find out. What I do know is this; Black culture is the archetype, and Black women are leading the way. Sneaker culture, much like damn near everythingContinue reading “From Infinity to Infinity”

Remember Sneaker Shopping?

We had a Foot Locker once. It survived many many years {if I remember correctly, it was around when I was 18} but in the dying gasp of our local mall, didn’t make it through the pandemic – taking Famous Footwear along with it. There were never lines around the building to cop the “hype”Continue reading “Remember Sneaker Shopping?”

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