Welcomes & Whys

The idea for blk grrl kicks had been kicking around in my brain for a while. Born out of a frustration well known to Black folks who look for representation of themselves in spaces, frequently to no avail.

I’d wanted to hear the stories of Black women in sneakers, so started the idea of a podcast. Despite working on plans, it didn’t feel like what I was really aiming for. So I packed it away, and asked myself what I wanted to see, what wasn’t I already seeing?

What I wasn’t seeing is where blk grrl kicks begins.

The proverbial table is encircled by men {of those mostly white and non-Black} the predominant collective remains unwilling to offer up a seat, let alone demolish the table to rebuild inclusively. Some even fueling tirades and toxicity that the community is well aware exists. I was seeing Black women begin to get their due recognition, But, as with men, the majority showcasing women’s collections, or telling their stories, were non-Black women. I wasn’t seeing Black trans folks outside of the times they could be exploited, I wasn’t seeing disabled folks, I wasn’t seeing budget sneakers, non-conformists, or collections that didn’t number in high double digits.

I want to see Blackness in all of its miraculous ways, and I especially wanted to see non-men at the crux. That’s no different when it comes to sneakers, and I couldn’t find a space like that, so I created it.

None of us are a monolith, and speaking for or from experiences beyond my own, is not what I aim to do here.

My hope is that blk grrl kicks will provide a brave and respectful space to share the stories of a love for sneakers, streetwear, and sneaker culture that have been shaped by these individual experiences.

Because it’s not “just sneakers”, we know this love is more. This love is our expression, this love is resistance, this love is reclamation, this love is nostalgia, this love is history, and this love belongs just as much to each of us.

Welcome to blk grrl kicks.

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