Air Force 1 Mids Forever

Written by DeeDee Collins, they/them/theirs

I’m not sure if “You never forget your first pair.” is a saying, but obviously you’ve never been an 80’s Baby in your early 40’s. Lucky you.

Anyway, the point I’m trying to make is that I don’t remember when I got my first pair of Air Force 1 Mids, but ever since then, I’ve made it a personal tradition to buy a fresh pair at least once a year. Almost was unsuccessful, thanks in part and in full disrespect to white kids who dirty up their joints for likes on TikTok. They are, in my opinion, the most comfortable shoes in the world that I have no issue clearing over 6,000 to 10,000 steps in a day when I’m out and about. They go with any damn thing in your closet, and contrary to popular belief, I don’t rock ‘em to rob folks in.

Thank you for that, meme culture and hating ass non-New Yorkers. 

I remember almost every pair of kicks I’ve ever purchased or came across from my early days till now, and almost none of them compare to my AF1 Mids. The Airwalks and ProWings I used to rock from preschool to 2nd grade. De La Dunks I came across at Hot Topic of all places during the early 2000’s (size 13 and pristine sitting in a glass case while the power punk / pop flavor of the week played in the background). The Spizike Bordeaux’s, I bought at Champs Time Square during my first solo trip to NYC. The uncomfortable ass “outdoor” Grant Hill 2s I bought off Fila’s website for 20% last year, and but not least, the Chinese New Year Jordan 13s I bought last year.

Fun fact: those joints never left the box till I sold them at Buffalo Exchange so I could eat that day, also because it’s very hard to find a pink big & tall hoodie to match ‘em. 

A pair of black Air Force 1 Mids will always bring joy to my heart. No other color for me, mainly because the various color ways are either weak as hell and / or sold out. It’s tough having feet bigger than whatever the average size is.

Wouldn’t trade ‘em for anything in the world, even a fresh pair of the first ever Air Yeeezy’s (Damn you, StockX. Does it look like I have ten grand to throw away?). 

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