Okay I’m changing things up a bit, but first, an admission: I girl bossed a little too close to the sun.

I launched blk grrl kicks at the busiest time of 2021 for me. In the middle of a capital campaign at work, family heavy holidays, and – somewhat unexpectedly – a covid surge that finally caught up to my family a week ago, and we are still in the throes of. I pressed the launch button, and I immediately got wrapped up in everything else while this project waited.

During this time, I also began more frequently participating in sneaker conversations and following more sneaker enthusiasts with my personal accounts. These conversations have put me in touch with amazingly talented sneaker loving folks who are already cultivating incredible communities.

This doesn’t mean there isn’t space for the one I’d wanted; everybody eats. It means, people with the time, space, and already forged connections are already building these spaces out in ways I currently cannot.

Plus, I really struggled with spearheading a space that specifically focused on trans-inclusion as a cisgender woman. I shouldn’t lead those spaces, knowing that it would still heavily center my experiences, and those of other cisgender women, because majority. Even in being transparent about the fact that I can’t create a safe space as someone with no lived experience and inherent transphobia as someone whose gender is the “norm”, it just didn’t feel right to push that aspect and I didn’t know how to proceed.

So this space will just turn into a sneaker blog {and a little more… but hang on} for the time being, the blk grrl kicks specific social will close down {since all of that is already going to my personal anyway}, and those are the biggest changes. Do I still want to highlight Black women and non-men who love sneakers? Hell fucking yes I do. 100%. And when those opportunities arise, those stories will find home here. In the coming days I’ll revamp the submission form, and have already begun working on tweaking the site to reflect this.

Another thing I want desperately to see, is a directory of Black women and Black non-men and their sneaker platforms. Brands aren’t looking hard enough for us, and there are too many excuses as to why. I can’t handle building a whole community from this site presently, but I’ll be out there participating in the community, and working on building out the directory in the meantime. I always want your stories, so please don’t hesitate to email them to me.

Thanks for being understanding and great, I’ll get back to covid exhaustion now.

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