Not a Review: Jordan 1 Retro High OG Dark Marina Blue

I work in marketing, so if there’s one thing I know, it’s that words have influence; and reviews {like most things} are subjective, can be extremely tainted with bias, and strangled by constraints held by brands, platforms, etc. As someone who has definitely left 5 star reviews on books I ain’t even read to support people I know – I take reviews with a grain of salt. For these reasons, and because the Internet is fucking weird, I choose not to write them either. But I do love to talk about my sneakers, and at this point, everyone in this house is really sick of listening to me.

With that said – this is not a review of the Jordan 1 Retro High OG in the Dark Marina Blue colorway.

I’m sorry, or you’re welcome.

High top leather Nike and Jordan brand sneakers in a medium blue and black colorway, the sole is white and blue. The shoelaces, also blue, are haphazardly swirled around the pair.

Released February 16th 2022

Early photos of these circulated to a rousing chorus of color comparisons to the much revered Royal 1s. Against the product photo standard all white background, I didn’t quite see how that particular comparison was being made. Through my own lens though, I can better see the similarity. Dark marina blue is like… if cerulean and teal had a baby?

It’s not royal blue.

The colorblocking is identical to the Shadow 2.0 and Pollen 1s we saw last year. The leather is leather, the silhouette is the silhouette. Though I felt drawn to the color, they weren’t groundbreaking and I was okay with passing on them.
Especially since:

1: SNKRS hates me, and I wasn’t going into battle elsewhere for them
2: A pair I was willing to go into battle for released around the same date, and as a broke bitch it was one or the other

So how the fuck did they get here?

It’s actually not an interesting story.

Back in January, I was tuning in to Sample Size, my favorite Twitter Spaces, when someone mentioned the Sole Retriever app which I’d been curious about, and I decided to sign up and try it out {going back to “words have influence”}. One thing about me is if I have to “invite or tag friends” to bypass a waitlist, or enter a giveaway, I’m not doing it, so I waited in the queue to gain access to the app for about two weeks before finally checking it out.

As the release date for the sneakers I was ready to throw hands over got closer, I popped into it to see if I could find any raffles or solid release information on them. I struck out there but saw a bunch of raffles for the marina blue, picked one, and entered it to get a feel for the process. {I can talk more about the Sole Retriever app in another not review later.}

Given how frequently I lose raffles, I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed when I didn’t get this pair, and going for grade school wouldn’t break the bank on the nearly impossible off chance that I did win.

If my ‘fit is giving “I don’t have any meetings today, it’s freezing, and I’m tired” congratulations those are the correct vibes!


I’m not disappointed that these were my first pick up of the year, however accidentally on purpose it happened, the color is beautiful. I just wish there was more to write about than that – but it’s a classic Jordan style done several times over, and the blue isn’t new either. The colorblocking {also not new} in this silhouette does hit, but there’s nothing spectacularly notable otherwise.

Oh. They come with three sets of laces. That’s nice.

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