about blk grrl kicks

Who are you?

Hi, I’m Monique; learn a little bit more about me.

Who is blk grrl kicks for?

Blk grrl kicks was brought to life in late 2021, and while all are welcome to revel in the magic and culture, this space only highlights those most often excluded from the sneaker industry and its communities; Black women and Black non-men. This should in no way insinuate that the groundbreaking contributions men and non-Black folk have made in sneakers are not recognized, acknowledged, and valued here, we just do not center them as they are a predominant force in sneakers.

Blk grrl kicks truly belongs to and celebrates Black subversive sneakerheads who shop off the beaten path or mod and design their own sneakers, and the dedicated sole seekers always on the hunt for the next trend. Lauding collectors with more pairs on ice than they wear on their feet, and the aficionado wearing holes into every pair. Revering the folks who match their kicks to their decked out mobility aids, and ones pairing their Adidas sneakers and Nike sweatshirt with reckless abandon.

In this exclusivity, some inclusion; I hope to showcase us in every facet of our being. The love we have for ourselves and all of our sneakerhead stories and glory.

Why “grrl”?

Not all non-men are women.

I’m a 90’s kid. In my teens{ish} “grrl” referred to someone who was alternative in their style an attitude, someone fiercely, confidently dedicated to non-conformity. Typically this was someone cisgender and assigned female at birth. It is a term seen as a nuisance by most people who remember its heyday during a scene era that excluded Black kids, and since this space serves non-conformists best, it felt like an appropriate reclamation.

Let it also serve as a “fuck you” to the misogynistic criticisms and gatekeepers.

Blk grrl kicks is founded by a Black cisgender woman, aiming to share and honor the experiences and stories of other fierce Black non-men, and “blk grrl kicks” seemed a simple way to say that this space doesn’t showcase non-Black folks, nor is it a boy’s club.

How do we submit content?

If you’re looking to submit a story, along with with photographs and/or videos to be featured on the website, please fill out this submission form.

If you have any trouble accessing the form, or getting your content submitted, please send Monique an email: blkgrrlkicks@gmail.com.